12/16/11 – jon’s new album pisces pieces is officially out today.  it is available here, itunes, here, and here.  the video of it may be seen here 1, 2, 3.

11/16/11 – eris is officially out today.

10/20/11 – a new album is under wraps.  it will be called pisces pieces.  it should be expected by the end of the year.

5/27/11 – scores are available through the new klomp music download page.  more scores will bee added soon.

3/24/11  – it’s here!  dna land is now available at iTunes, etc…

coming soon will be the official release of dna land, caffeine machine, trap doors, tour de velo, another ep, an album, a secret project, and another album. buckle up!

3/5/11  – memoirs and stolen cars is now available on most digital distributors.

more music has been released! also, we’re on youtube.

7/5/10  – tour de velo is out. the four movement work is based entirely on bicycle samples. it is available here.

jon is pleased to announce two new releases. trap doors and caffeine machine are now online at band camp.

music is now available for download at band camp.

seattle based ensemble, cadence chamber orchestra, is premiering the chamber orchestra version of the variable chaconnes in their entirety with a brand new prelude for double sextet. march 11, 12. details can be found in schedule.


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