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here is a partial list of compositions:

pisces pieces – listen/download, watch 1watch 2watch 3.

a baroquen chaconne for mr. wolf – listen

extensive grounding (after purcell)

tour de velo – listen

fractal theory for strings (for katie mendenhall)

six course meal for two (for dmitry koudymov)

quintet 1 (for lanme)

contrapunctus 1 – listenyoutube

trap doors (and opaque windows) – listen – youtube

trio for guitar


sedative for smarypant

4 18 2

hocketus repeatum – listen

antikythera mechanism – listen

flute quintetlisten

eris – listen (youtube)

caffeine machine – listen 1, 2, 3 (youtube 1, 2, 3)

leaderless fearlisten


stereo typeset

chatterbox and jabberwocks

variable chaconneslisten

dna landlisten

walk onlisten

memoirs and stolen cars – listen


klavier sonata

pieces by instrumentation
available scores


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